To Develop Managerial skills and provide an integrated view of the managerial issues and apply to real life situations. To cultivate foresight regarding the implications and consequences of considered action, business acumen, leadership qualities, entrepreneurial flair etc.


The rapidly emerging global economy raises a multitude of issues for businesses both large and small. It creates all sorts of opportunities for businesses to boost their revenues, drive down their costs, and boost their profits. At the same time it creates challenges and threats that yesterday’s business managers did not have to deal with. A business management professional is taught to make the best use of available resources, human, physical and monetary, in order to achieve an objective with the right perspective.

With the merging of historically distinct and separate markets into one huge global market place, the avenues have grown multi-fold for Business Management graduates. They receive training in various specialist areas like International Management, Public Service Management, Non-governmental Organizations’ Management, Hospital Management, Hotel Management, Technology Management, Rural Management etc. All business houses in the country and outside are now looking for trained professionals to handle their corporate activities.

Most of the students pursue specialization in functional areas like personnel or human resource management, finance, production or operations, marketing and information services. These specialists cater to enhance the growth of an organization, maintain its economic stability and foray ahead to co-exist with all kinds of challenges.
The information age specially focuses mainly on effectiveness of employee relationship management, which are framed and charged into any organization by these budding managers. Their business paradigms demands, openness, interpersonal skill development, team building, participatory management, opportunity, personal accountability, individual empowerment and total quality.

The practice of good business etiquette generates immediate benefits. It enhances customer and staff relationships. It helps executives handle themselves effectively and confidently in every kind of social and interactive situation. It improves the quality of working life for everyone in a company. And it adds value to every other area of company life – from production through marketing and selling, sales promotion, training and personnel development to customer service. These young graduates become professional gurus by bringing an intangible focus to knowledge initiatives, which help them, find the big value and turning points that it too often overlooked. They are always in the march of employing thinking tools, methodologies and approaches that make healthy choices for the future of their firms.

NOTE: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is available in Bangalore campus and as well as in KGF (Kolar Gold Field) campus.


Pass in 10 + 2 / PUC or equivalent with minimum 40% of marks in all the subjects, including languages.


  • Managerial Positions in
    a) Business Houses/Corporations
    b) Multinational Corporations
    c) Industrial houses/manufacturing companies
    d) Export organizations/Trading companies
    e) Marketing organizations
    f) Financial concerns
    g) Banks
    h) Public sector enterprises
    i) Advertising agencies
    j) Hotels
    k) Corporate hospitals
    l) International Development Agencies/non-governmental organizations
  • Consultancy/self-employment


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