Policy Aim

  • Sambhram college aims to offer a broad range of courses to a varied learner’s population & to ensure that the learners are appropriately matched to programme of study & marks informed choices about their future direction. The college will apply the principles inherent in this policy statement to all the learners.
  • Sambhram college is committed to ensure equality of opportunity for all persons seeking to study in the college & welcomes applications & enrollment from all individuals with the potential to succeed.

Policy Statements 

  • The college will ensure that potential learners will receive advice & guidance from the admission staff, in order to help learners to decide on the course of study best suited to their needs.
  • Entry requirements (eligibility) will vary between programmes of study. However each programme will have clear statements on entry requirements & this will be displayed in the brochures, website and notice board.
  • International learners are welcome on the basis that their communication skills are tested prior to enrollment
  • The college is committed to provide impartial guidance in the admission process to help applicants to choose the course or programme which is right for them.
  • Students are directed to submit the necessary documents during admission so as to marginally reduce the inconvenience that the college & university might have to face for reasons as missing documents or incomplete application.
  • If the document produced & information furnished in the application are found to be false, the admission is liable to be canceled.
  • All admissions are provisional & subject to the approval of the related Universities.
  • The candidates shall submit original documents, in case if they have completed the degree or 12th examination.
  • The candidate shall sign an undertaking, wherein the date for balance payment of fees is specified and non payment of the balance fees within the stipulated period shall amount to cancellation of provisional admission.
  • The management is not responsible for any fraud, misrepresentation, non payment of fees, suppression of facts etc committed by the agent or consultant who is acting or authorized to act on behalf of the student or parent.
  • The agent or consultant shall produce an authorization letter from the student or parent to act on his or her behalf.
  • It is the duty of the parents or student to cross check or verify whether an agent or consultant has quoted the correct fees to him or her, and in furtherance of the same, if the agent is authorized to pay the fees, by the student or parents whether the consultant or agent has paid the necessary fees, without keeping any dues.
  • If a student or parent has authorized a consultant to make payments on his behalf then such a student shall insist on the agent or consultant to produce no due certificate which shall be issued by college.

Please Note:

  • Beware of persons quoting wrong fee structures and making false promises. Kindly contact the Admission Office to ascertain the correct fee structure.
  • Agents or Consultants quoting false fee structures are cheating the students. Any Agent or Consultant quoting false fee structure and if found guilty of making false promises shall be subject to penal action. (stringent criminal action shall be initiated against such persons).
  • Admission letters or Provisional admission letters shall not be issued by any Consultant or agent, it is only the college Management or the Admission in charge who shall issue the admission letters.
  • Generally the Management would prefer and advice students and parents to take admissions directly with the college authorities, in order to avoid future complexities and complaints of cheating by middlemen.
  • No student shall claim excuse or claim extension of time for payment of fees, on the ground that he or she has already paid money to his or her authorized agent, such claim shall be taken as fictitious, concocted for the purpose of avoiding payment of fees. The college is not responsible for any money transaction between the student or agent.
  • Parents are advised to kindly go through the letter of authorization issued to authorized agents by the Management, where in one of the clauses strictly says that,agents shall collect fees in favor of the Institution only through DD, and all the fees shall be paid in college office.
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