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  The Teaching methodology is primarily experiential in nature with a focus on application of concepts. The methodology includes the following, based on the requirements of the specific course:
  • Interactive lectures
  • Case study pedagogy
  • Classroom projects and exercises
  • Class simulations and games
  • Group presentations
  • Study of contemporary articles from refereed journals
  • Field projects and company visits
  • Video presentations
  • Experts and guest lectures
  • Activity labs

Industry Institution Interaction

As part of industry institution interaction, the college offers academic and professional value addition to a student's learning experience. These include:
  • The application of classroom learning to a company-based study: observational, field-based, or as per requirements of the business organization
  • The development and enhancement of professional skills and personal traits
  • An increased self-awareness of career options and an identification of areas of professional specialization in industry
  • A structured experience of the complexities of the marketplace and an appreciation of professionalism and work-related responsibilities particularly for interns with no prior work experience in a related field
  • An early exposure to job roles and functional divisions within a business