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KGF College of Dental Sciences & Hospital (KGFCDS)
KGF College of Dental Sciences & Hospital (KGFCDS) is a leading name in dental health education and service for over 24 years. It was established by the Sambhram Charitable Trust in 1991, with the objective of making available dental health education of international standards in India. KGFCDS is located in a very green & serene campus, ideal for students to pursue their studies. The college has been able to sustain reputation for producing high-caliber dental health professional by virtue of the fact that-
  • It admits candidates who have an aptitude for medical profession
  • It provides a rigorous all-round training to its students in a stimulating environment characterized by top-notch multidisciplinary faculty, state of the art educational infrastructure and superior residential facilities
  • It places equal emphasis on up-to-date knowledge, practical skills and exposure to real life cases so that the students acquire the basic strength to work and succeed as either practitioners or dental scientists/researchers or teachers in their future careers
  • It is the only Dental College in the entire Kolar District of Karnataka, South India catering to a population of over 3 million people.

Mission and Objectives

KGFCDS believes in providing the best dental education for the students to turn them into medical professionals with a will to serve the humanity and the population.

The objectives of the Institution are embedded in the various education delivery systems that are in place so that the mission is achieved.