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The Placement Department undertakes the following activities to achieve the desired results and sets targets. The department handles all aspects of campus placements for the graduating students. The Placement wing provides employment opportunities to students through campus recruitments, pooled campus and off campus recruitments.

The Placement process is initiated with a clear focus on the students from all academic levels. All levels of the companies are contacted and invited for the campus recruitment drive which matches with different academic levels of students.

Branch specific core companies are focused equally to ensure students obtain the right match of their passion and competency.

The department is well equipped with excellent infra-structure to support every stage of the placement process. Arrangement for Pre-Placement Talks, interviews, Group Discussions etc. are all handled by the staff at the office


  • An invitation letters to the companies enclosing a brief summary of the courses available at SAMBHRAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.
  • The company fills the response sheet and sends it by e-mail to the Training and Placement dept.
  • Once the details are received the Placement officer gets in touch with the company and a mutually convenient date is fixed for the campus Placement process.
  • On receiving information file, the placement officer announces the requirements of the company, asking interested students to submit resumes, which are handed over to the company.
  • A mutual convenient date is finalized for the selection process/ recruitment drive.
  • The offers are made by the company after the selection process and the offer letters are signed and accepted by the concerned students and sent to the company through the Training Placement department.