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Objectives of Clinical Posting Nursing Foundation
Practical hour - 450+200 lab

I yr basic B.Sc (N) students during their clinical posting are able to understand the concepts of nursing practice & apply the holistre approach in meeting the health needs of individual in a scientific manner.


Students are able to,
  • Apply nursing process in meeting the health needs of the individual and the family as a whole.
  • Appreciate the need for interpersonal relationship and n effective communication.
  • Develop skill in performing assessment of each body system.
  • Develop skill in meeting the basic needs of an individual in a scientific way.
  • Prepare first Aid equipments and meet the common emergencies.
  • Manage some of the common problems in illness
  • Practice nursing procedures in reliving the common problems and assist wherever necessary.
  • Follow the principal techniques for infection control and bio medical waste management .
  • Provide care to pre and post operative patients
  • Administer drugs in different routes and assist intravenous and intra thecal administration & maintain drug bank book
  • Provide care to the drying and the dead.

History Collection 5
Physical Assessment 5
Clinical Presentation 3
Care Notes 5
Health Teaching - Group
- Individual.

  • Casualty/ Emergency unit
  • Blood Bank
  • Lab
  • Infection Control Department
  • CSSD
  • Mortuary
  • Physiotherapy Dept.