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General Guidelines

Discipline is maintained in and off the campus

  • All the students and staff must wear identity cards
  • Mobiles are not allowed in the campus
  • All must come in time, no loitering during the college hours
  • Ragging is highly prohibited in and off campus


A minimum of not less than 80% attendance in theory and practical/clinical separately in each subject in each academic year is essential for appearing in the examination


A total of 30 days of leave in each year will be granted to students, off which 15days will be give for Christmas and 15 days will be given after the university/board exams

Apart from this 7 days study leave will be given before university or board exams


The students who lack in studies or academic performance are given special attention. Each faculty will be assigned with 5 weak students, on whom that particular teacher will concentrate by identifying the weakness of the students and focus on their abilities and give special coaching


Eminent teachers who have completed MA literature in English and Kannada teach the students. Language teachers teach the students to develop fluency in the respective language and make the students efficient enough to read, write, speak and give health education to the patients