Sambhram School of Management
Sambhram Academy of Management Studies,
M.S. Palya, Via Jalahalli East, Bengaluru – 560097, India

About the Conference

     Of the many explanations relating to the catastrophic global financial crisis of 2008 some view it as a crisis confined to the banking and securities industry while others see it to be more fundamental than that. The financial crisis was a reflection of a much deeper crisis within traditional economics and finance which can also be regarded as a crisis of Western Institutional design-financial architectures based upon flawed principles of lending. A growing number of influential thinkers see the crisis as a series of institutional failures in how the financial services industry is governed and have examined in some depth the structure and regulation of financial services, questions of governance, issues of ethics and financial innovation. These individual subjects are, however, interrelated and some can complement others but they have not been examined together as a total system; nor have alternative approaches to institutional design founded on a set of alternative ethical principles. The big unanswered questions are what mix of regulation, governance, innovation and ethics will fix the financial system and what insights can non-western thinking contribute to the discussion.

The present Conference is expected to provide a forum for discussion and critical analysis of the major challenges in finance and banking sector and networking amongst academics, policy-makers, research students, practitioners and Post Graduate students in the subject. The conference organizers would like to invite the submission of papers relating to all aspects of banking and finance; both theoretical and empirical papers are encouraged in areas which include, but are not limited to:

• Banking in Asia • Asset Pricing
• Financial Intermediation • Diversification Strategy of Banks and FIs
• Securitization • Corporate Governance
• Internationalization of Banking and Bank Products • Financial Econometrics
• Corporate Investment Valuation • Islamic Banking
• Regional Stock Markets Integration • Investment Banking and Practices
• Shariah Audit and Review • Venture Capital and Private Equity
• BASEL II and III Norms and Guidelines • Capital Markets
• Efficiency and Productivity Analysis • Securities, Banking and Financial Laws and   Provisions
• Financial Crises and Regulation • Money and Liquidity
• FDIs • Macro Financial Linkages in
• Financial Policy • International Economics
• Behavioural Finance • Corporate Announcements and Firm Performance
• Accounting and Financial Performance • Impact of M&A on Shareholders Value
• Risk Management • Reforms in Banking and Finance Sectors
• International Trade and Finance • Anti-Money Laundering
• Micro Structure of Financial Markets • Internal Control