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The college has best in class infrastructure to facilitate international standard teaching and learning


Total of 12 lecture halls each with a seating capacity of 50 are available. Lecture halls are well ventilated with lighting facilities and equipped with latest audio visual aids.


The college has various well equipped laboratories, Nursing Foundation, MCH, CHN & Nutrition Lab with adequate latest articles for the students to learn and practice nursing procedures.


A well equipped spacious learning resource centre is available for studentís reference. A good collection of Indian and International books, reference books, national and international journals and magazines constitute the library. The students are encouraged to use the library for the enhancement of knowledge and supplement the teaching in the classrooms. The library is open for extended hours to benefit the students and the faculty.


The college is having various latest visual aids like OHP,LCD, slide projector, TV, DVDís etc and the teachers use the audio visual aids for their daily classes to bring in variety in teaching and alter the traditional way of teaching to gain full attention of the students


Adequate facility for indoor and outdoor games devices for the students to promote sports. PT hours are included in college hours to promote sportsmanship among students
Facilities for the students to participate in inter college, intra-college, university conducted sports in made possible by our college. A qualified full time PT teacher is available to train the student s in sports.


Cultural and personality development programmes are organized for the students through out the whole year, by SNA as well arrangement to participate in inter college, intra-college cultural is made possible.


Health services of the students are met by Sambhram hospital. An annual physical examination is done to each student. Students are immunized against infectious disease as and when necessary. Any student becoming sick is attended immediately and cured immediately. As per rule of the board of nursing education students are eligible for ten days of sick leave for every year of study.

Any students who becomes sick while on leave and is unable to return on time must obtain a medical certificate, which should be from a recognized doctor and will be subjected to the approval of the doctor in charge of students health in Sambhram hospital.


Adequate residential, safe and comfortable accommodation is available for the students. The students enjoy the facilities of well equipped furnished (a cot, a table, chair and cupboard for individual student) common rooms and dinner halls, prayer hall and a recreational hall with adequate recreational facilities, separate hostel for girls and boys is available. Students will be under the supervision of the principal with the help of the warden and must abide by rules of the hostel. Misconduct of any type will be reported to the parents and appropriate action will be taken according to the regulation of the institution


  • The hostelites should maintain discipline and strict silence in the hostel
  • Quarreling, talking loudly, using bad and unparliamentarily words and creating disturbance to the co-hostilities are strictly prohibited.
  • The hostilities should switch off the lights of their rooms at 10.30 PM. If any hostelite desires to study after 10.30 PM he/she may sit in the study room without creating causing disturbance to the co-hostelites.
  • The hostilities are responsible for their things, cash, book etc and the management will not take any responsibility for the loss of anything in the hostel.
  • When the hostelites go out, they should switch off the lights and fans, close the water taps and lock the room properly.
  • The rooms should be kept neat and clean
  • Any king of cooking in the rooms is prohibited.